Limited Permit Application



  1. 1. A Limited Permit is available to graduates of an approved school and those who are foreign trained while awaiting the NBCOT certification examination. 

  2. 2. Limited Permits are valid 90 days from the date of issuance. There is no provision to extend, renew, or re-issue a limited permit. Please carefully consider your timing to coordinate your limited permit application/practice with your selected testing date.

  3. 3. Limited Permits immediately become null and void in the event of test failure notification.

  4. 4. Application must be completed in its entirety. Failure to do so may result in delay and/or denial of Limited Permit.

  5. 5. Applications are completed online through Certemy, our licensing management software provider, and include a number of self-paced steps to be completed and submitted for verification and approval.

  6. 6. A recent photo is required to be uploaded as part of the online application.

  7. 7. A completed and signed Supervisory Statement is required to be uploaded as part of the online application.

  8. 8. An Academic Fieldwork Verification​ must be completed and signed / sealed by your school.​

  9. 9. An Eligibility Confirmation Notice and Score Report must be requested from NBCOT during the exam application process.

  10. ​10. To insure compliance with Federal Law, the WV Board of Occupational Therapy is obligated to inform each applicant that reporting of the Social Security Number on licensure application is mandatory according to W. Va. Code §30-1-6 (d).

  11. 11. Once all application steps are completed and approved, a WV limited permit number will be assigned and Certemy will generate a digital limited permit card which can be found in the digital wallet of your Certemy account.

  12. 12. The Board will mail a set of two limited permit cards to each new limited permit holder.

  13. 13. It is the responsibility of the applicant to be informed of West Virginia’s Occupational Therapy Practice Act and Legislative Rules, copies of which will be included with the Limited Permit.

The Limited Permit fee for an OTR is $120. The Limited Permit fee for a COTA is $70.
Limited Permit fees will be collected through the online application using the State of WV's e-Gov payment processor.  A copy of your payment receipt must be uploaded as part of the online application.  License fee is not refundable.

   *For information regarding initial licensing fee waiver, please click:  ​Low-Income or Military Family Fee Waiver.

Applicants must self-enroll into an application and create a Certemy account.  When creating your Certemy account, it's highly recommended you use a personal email address.  This prevents disruption should you change jobs or if your employer uses firewalls which may block important reminders from Certemy about your license.

To begin an application, choose the appropriate application from the links below:

Occuptational Therapist Limited Permit


Occupational Therapy Assistant Limited Permit​