Disciplinary Actions

​As part of the Board’s mission to protect consumers and promote quality of occupational therapy services, the Board is responsible for investigating alleged violations of the provisions of the WV Occupational Therapy Practice Act and Legislative Rules. All complaints received by the Board are investigated as quickly and thoroughly as possible. In the event that probable cause is found that an OT/OTA has violated any of the Board’s statutes, the Board will determine appropriate disciplinary action, conduct disciplinary hearings if necessary, and issue orders. All disciplinary actions issued by the Board are a matter of public record.

Date     OT/OTA Last Name First Name WV# Disciplinary Action                         Licensure Status

11/26/21    OTA         Sword         Nekota        C2104 Consent Agreement / Probation         Expired​
6/5/15    OTA         Pitt                 Benjamin        C1569 Consent Agreement / Probation         Expired​
11/7/14    OT         Ebert         Joshuah          1637 Consent Agreement / Probation         Expired
10/24/13    OTA         Bair                 Jeramey        C1795 Consent Agreement / Reinstatement     Active / Good Standing
4/3/13    OTA         Isner         Eileen        C1025 Consent Agreement / Reprimand         Expired
3/26/11    OTA         Smith         Billie Jo        C1591 Consent Agreement / Probation       ​  Expired
11/5/10    OT         Wright         Delilah            315 Consent Agreement / Reprimand         Expired
7/10/10    OT         Lilly                 Mark          1173 Consent Agreement / Reprimand         Active / Good Standing
3/13/09    OT         Pervola         Christel          1297 Consent Agreement / Reinstatement     Active / Good Standing
3/2/07    OT         Childress         Kristi          1202 Revocation / Reinstatement                 ​Active / Good Standing