Frequently Asked Questions

​​​Q?  How do I apply for a WV license or limited permit?​
A.   Applications must be submitted online by selecting the appropriate application under New Applicants for Licensure at the bottom of the homepage.

Q?   What is the fee for licensure in West Virginia?​
A.    The initial license fee for an OTR is $150.00 with a biennial renewal fee of $120.00. The initial license fee for a COTA is $100.00 with a biennial renewal fee of $100.00.

Q?  What are the fees for a limited permit in West Virginia?
A.   The limited permit fee for an OT is $120.00 and $70.00 for an OTA. This fee is applied toward the permanent licensure fee.

Q?  How can I have a verification of my West Virginia licensure sent to another state?
A.   There are two ways to obtain a license verification:
  1. 1) ​​​Online verifications are available at  Please check with the other state to see if they will utilize this online verification.
  2. 2) To request a hard copy verification be mailed or emailed to another state, the licensee must complete and submit the Verification Request Form found under OT/OTA or by using the Quick Link on the Home page. The fee for a hard copy verification is $30 and may be paid online with a credit card.
Q?  How do I change my name or address with the Board?
A.   Name and address changes can be made online via the licensee's Certemy account under Profile Details.  To change your name, you must attach a copy of the legal document that authorizes the change (i.e. marriage certificate, divorce decree).

Q?  How do I file a complaint?
A.   You have a few options:​
  1. 1) ​Call the Board and request a complaint form be mailed to you.
  2. 2) Print the complaint form from the website,  Complete and mail to the Board address found on the website.​
  3. 3) Submit your complaint electronically through the website.
Q?  How do I obtain a mailing list of WV licensees?
A.   A Mailing List order form is available under Public or Forms from the website home page.  Mailing list includes name, license number, and home address, and is available as an excel spreadsheet,​ hard copy paper list or adhesive mailing labels.